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In Niagara and St-Catharines, we offer private yoga sessions at home, yoga at work, and adapted and gentle yoga for seniors. If you are looking for a yoga instructor near you, we can help.  Santé Active would like to introduce you to one of our instructors in your area, Jax.


Hey there!

My name is Jax (Jaclyn), for most of my life I have gone by a few different names; Jackie, Jack, Wally (this one my Dad gave me if we ever meet just ask and I'll be happy to share how I got this name). Right now Jax seems to fit and what I enjoy hearing people call me and am most known by. 

For most of my life, I have led an athletic lifestyle through many activities and team sports until numerous hockey injuries lead me to the saving grace of yoga.


For the past 9 years I have been an enthusiastic student of yoga and through the practices of self-love, gratitude, meditation, journaling, active self-inquiry and yoga (asana) in many different styles I have discovered my own superpower strength not only physically but also mentally and energetically. 

My journey has allowed me to unlayer and discovers many truths and gifts I have, one being the gift of healing. 


As a reiki practitioner, yoga teacher and Art enthusiast&creator. I know the power of this work and truly how it has the capability to heal ourselves on many levels. Our ability to receive is just as important as it is to give and through this practice, I will support you by guiding the energy systems in your body to relax, to receive and reset. The goal is that you leave feeling more grounded and clear in your mind, body & spirit.


I wake each and every day and do my best to practice and teach these practices by being a student and teacher of my own body, mind, and spirit.


I value connection to self, to others and the universal energy. I believe through the power of teaching ourselves to accept our humanness, love ourselves unconditionally and forgive ourselves over and over and over again that we will change the world into something beyond we what we know.

“We all have something within us that this world needs”

Thank you for being here :)

Lots of Love to you,


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