Searching for Corporate Wellness Solutions in Calgary or Ottawa?

At Santé Active, we understand the significance of corporate wellness for organizations in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Our tailored wellness programs have a remarkable impact on companies and their employees. Beyond improving physical health, our initiatives foster social support, reduce absenteeism, and create happier, healthier workplaces.


The Benefits of Corporate Wellness

  • Enhance Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Absenteeism and Decrease Illness and Injury Rates
  • Lower the Risk of Chronic Diseases
  • Boost Workplace Morale and Employee Loyalty
  • Attract Skilled Talent and Improve Retention Rates


Our Wellness Solutions

Are you ready to create a healthy and happy workplace for your team? Our multidisciplinary team of experts specializes in fitness, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, stress management, nutrition, and more. We offer tailored programs for both employees and organizations.


Flexible Services

We provide flexibility in delivering our wellness services. Whether it's at your office, home, factory, warehouse, nearby park, or any location of your choice, we adapt to your needs.



Our corporate wellness programs are available in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

Maximizing your employees' time and health

If you're looking to enhance employee well-being and workplace satisfaction in Ottawa or Calgary, get in touch with us today. Let's build a healthier and happier workforce together.


Building a Vibrant and Healthy Workplace


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Wellness solutions for employees in Calgary Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto

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