Occupational therapist in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa

If you are looking for home care occupational therapists in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Ottawa

We have a team of occupational therapists and we offer in-home services in the Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary areas. They can make you more independent and make your daily activities safer to help you have a better quality of life. Take advantage of occupational therapy services at home to make your life easier!


What our occupational therapists can do?

Assist you in setting up your home in a safe manner to facilitate daily activities. We offer technical assistance and find solutions to facilitate the performance of necessary activities. We identify potential risks in order to secure the premises.


What is the occupational therapist’s role?

The goal of occupational therapy is to promote your independence and enable you to regain your physical and psychological capacities. The occupational therapist will take the time to listen to your daily activities and limitations. His analysis will allow him to understand the problems you may face and adjust the changes in your environment according to your condition. He will determine if any improvements are required by prescribing, if necessary, the use of specific devices including wheelchairs, rollators (walkers), crutches, posture devices, driving adapters, swallowing aids, etc. In addition, occupational therapists are responsible for educating patients on the correct use of their devices.


The occupational therapist helps people:

  • Affected by a congenital infirmity.
  • Having been involved in a traffic accident.
  • After having a stroke with serious after-effects.
  • Suffering from any disability, whether physical or mental.
  • Elderly with loss of independence as a result of aging.


What is occupational therapy at home?

Occupational therapists at Santé Active can help you choose, order, and install equipment in your home to carry out your daily activities independently and to enjoy a better quality of life. This can be done after a health or injury incident, or for senior citizens living at home. In order to facilitate the performance of tasks and activities of daily and domestic life, they will suggest a new layout of the home environment.. We provide technical assistance and find good methods to facilitate daily activities.s. Identifying potential risks and securing the premises.


We can help you find an occupational therapist in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Ottawa.

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