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Besides offering private yoga lessons at your home and at your workplace, we also offer yoga for seniors in Ottawa and Gatineau. We have a team of yoga instructors in your area. Please let us introduce you to Aude, one of our instructors near you. I come from a background of aerobics and dancing.


I was introduced to Yoga in 2003, and I then completed a 300-hour certification course in Hatha Yoga at L’Institut holistic corps et âmes in Montreal.

Aside from my yoga certifications, I also have a certification in Reiki which enables me to bring a unique perspective to my classes.


Even though I am certified in Hatha yoga, over the years I have also taught vinyasa, power, and yin yoga. I have the ability to adapt the classes to suit various types of environments and participants.


In addition to teaching teenagers, I also work with seniors of all ages. As a yoga teacher, I've taught in different types of workplaces, gyms, and yoga studios over the past decade.

Private & corporate yoga or yoga for seniors in Ottawa or Gatineau

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