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We offer private Pilates lessons and Pilates in the workplace in Toronto

If you are searching for a Pilates Instructor in Toronto for in-home private Pilates lessons or workplace Pilates let us introduce you to Robin.

Pilates is a style of movement that focuses on strengthening and lengthening the spine with emphasis on the abdominals in the front body and the multifidus in the back body the pelvic floor which also aids in supporting the internal organs.  Pilates is a series of moves that flow from one to another which can also build cardio.  The practice is a brain-body connection looking internally; through concentration, centering, control, and breath.  An ever-evolving exercise; I am constantly taking in new information through studies and my students.

A typical Pilates class will start with some standing roll downs to warm up then moving to one’s mat and beginning to find neutral spine working toward educating the body and control of movement.  Pilates is a great practice for those that want to get in shape, but also if you want to work on your posture and strengthening the core; it is work but fun work.

We can deliver in Toronto your Pilates lessons at your home or workplace

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Workplace and Home Private Pilates in Toronto