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I have been teaching Tai Chi for almost 20 years and I am still learning along with my students. My goal is to use Tai Chi as a tool to pass on benefits such as better balance, flexibility, coordination, body awareness, muscle strength, confidence, circulation and relaxation. These are only some of the benefits. I teach my classes with humour and fun while doing the exacting moves in the Tai Chi sequence. Workshops and presentations given at conferences have benefitted those who have been sitting and in need of an injection of energy and focus. Whether it be a short workshop or a regular class, people begin to reap the benefits immediately because the moves are technical and precise, but without the strain on joints.

There is communication between the students and myself, so that any dificulties or weaknesses can be addressed. Students recount to me how after doing Tai Chi for a period of time, they are more prepared to cope with the day to day rigours of life with increased stamina and strength. Because of the necessity to hold one's own weight and then transfer it with controlled movements, others feel more prepared for activities such as playing golf, hiking, skiing and tennis. Although many seniors do Tai Chi, it can benefit people of all ages and abilities. I have taught people with illnesses such as Parkinson's, M.S., diabetes, Fibromialgia and also people with hip and knee replacements. I enjoy the challenge of modifying the Tai Chi to fit each individual whether they are young and fit, sufferering with an illness or in need of improving muscle strength and balance. It is a real joy to witness how Tai Chi affects each individual. I love my job!

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