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In-Home and Corporate Tai Chi Classes Toronto

In-home private Tai Chi and corporate Tai Chi in Toronto

Yang can teach in-home private Tai Chi and Corporate Tai Chi in the Toronto region.

I have been practicing Yang style Tai Chi with my friends and colleagues for 20 years. I enjoy doing Tai Chi to maintain and improve my physical health, and better deal with stress.

Yang style Tai Chi is the most widely practiced Tai Chi style in the world. The Yang form is typically done with slow and steady movements, which help practitioners relax and feel the flow of energy within their bodies. It is beautiful to watch, and relaxing to do. With its grace and emphasis on relaxation and smooth internal energetics, the Yang style attracts more and more people each year.

I hope to share the benefit of Tai Chi with everyone. Let’s practice it together every day!

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In-home Private Tai Chi and Corporate Tai Chi Toronto