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Corporate Tai Chi and private Tai Chi in Toronto

We offer Corporate Tai Chi and private Tai Chi in Toronto, Scarborough and Richmond Hill

Let us introduce you to Seok-Kwon who can teach corporate Tai Chi or Private Tai Chi in the Toronto area.

I have been practicing Dong-Moon martial art for more than 25 years. Dong-Moon refers to a Korean traditional martial art family and their skills and techniques have been handed down to confined practitioners for more than 300 years.

There are two major practicing spheres in Dong-Moon; one is for health and the other is for self-defense.

Tai Chi Quan belongs to health sphere. It consists of nine forms; 24-, 48-, 36-, 98- and 108-Form. In case of 24 - and 108-Form, we have three different types respectively so the total is nine. The nine forms are for bare hands. There are other forms of a sword and a fan as well in health sphere.

Beginners will start with 24-Form (type I) and then 48-Form. All the sub motions consisting of each form are split and taught one by one for easy but clear understanding and practice. This approach is very important for beginners in practicing Tai Chi as it is important to practice every single note exactly one by one when learning a musical instrument.  As your level grows up, you will be coached to link the split motions together smoothly and seamlessly which will make your practice look like streaming of river which flows peacefully. I mean, ‘a beautiful music called Tai Chi’ can be played with the instrument (your body) only after you master every single note exactly.

You can build up your lower part as strong as the root of a tree while your upper part as soft as the branch of it through Tai Chi. As you improve to the higher level, you can deepen and widen your motions the more and this will stimulate your internal organ the harder which will result in improved metabolism in your body.

That is how Tai Chi can contribute to preventing or even treating chronic diseases, e.g. chronic digestion problem, constipation, palpitation, insomnia, arthritis and so on.

Those benefits of Tai Chi, however, could come to you unconsciously as a result of constant and sincere practice. If you expect such benefit from the starting phase too much, you may lose your interest in Tai Chi soon and quit it. So a systematic but joyful method of practicing is important, and everyone can be trained in that way with my rich teaching experience.


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