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Tai Chi classes at your senior residence or workplace in Toronto

Tai Chi is the exercise for body–mind harmony. It is internal & external martial arts, including stretch & tone. It is truly a unique complex program. Tai Chi indeed is more than just a form of exercise or martial art. It is a living philosophy. When we practice Tai Chi; we increase our life’s energy which is called “Chi”. “Chi” is energy, vitality and power. When we learn to work within this inner power on a daily basis, our body becomes stronger and we live longer with greater joy and fulfillment. We shield ourselves from disease, illness and the mind becomes clear and the spirit calm.

Through more than 10 years of teaching Tai Chi, I’m happy to have found that my students obtain many different benefits due to their practicing of Tai Chi and Chigong. They increase their internal energy, vitality, balance, flexibility, co-ordination and muscle tone. They achieve a high quality of sleep, an increase in work efficiency, and a decrease in their sick time.   

This very meaningful practice of Tai Chi can be beneficial to the health of many people, while contributing to a decrease in Canada’s medical expenditures. 

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