Yoga Instructor in Calgary - Rebecca

Corporate and in-home Yoga in Calgary

We offer corporate yoga and in-home yoga in Calgary

We have a team of yoga instructors and we offer corporate yoga and in-home yoga in Calgary. Let us introduce you to Rebecca one of our yoga teachers in Calgary.

My first time doing yoga I attempted a bunch of moves my body was not ready for, and actually ended up kicking my friend in the face causing a bloody nose, many tears on my end, and a discouraged vow to never do yoga again. Long story short, years later I gave it a second chance and had a change of heart.

I pride myself on creating a relaxed, informal environment where everyone feels welcome in class, that's why I also love private sessions - I've never been overly into formalities and such. I love tailoring each session to the individual. Through yoga, I found confidence and zest for life I never knew was possible. Yoga is an incredible gift, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

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Corporate and in-home yoga in Calgary