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Santé Active has a team of yoga instructors in the Toronto area, including Mississauga, Hamilton, Vaughan, etc. As well as corporate yoga and yoga for seniors, we also do private yoga at your home or any other location that's convenient for you. Meet Melissa, one of our instructors near you. Make the most of your time and contact us!  


Yoga has not been part of my life for that long, I started practicing 7 years ago a few times a month, picked it up again on a daily basis to be more active after my daughter was born almost 6 years ago. Yoga was always an option at home to rebuild my body after the pregnancy and build my confidence and strength that I did not have in the first place.


As I started running and training for a marathon, yoga was my go-to option on recovery days and after runs for stretching. Now training for a triathlon, I know the importance of mobility, flexibility, and strength.


After stressful life events and higher levels of anxiety, yoga just became a part of my life on a regular basis.


Now being a certified yoga teacher and having beginner clients, I am hoping to bring this to even more students! I just love to see students grow and reach a potential they don’t even know they have, just like I did.


As a yoga teacher, runner, and triathlete enthusiast, I understand first-hand the importance of mobility and strength to produce a better life and result. I come from a graphic design, business, marketing, and finance background, I never would have imagined that yoga could resonate with me to the level it is at today.

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