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We offer private yoga at home, yoga at work, and yoga for seniors in Ottawa and Gatineau.  Yoga instructors are available near you.  Let Santé Active introduce you to one of our instructors in your area, Nathalie



Nathalie is a mature, professional, experienced yoga student now a teacher. An artist, artisan, and recovering obsessive do-it-yourself renovator and gardener, she has found solace, deep healing, strength, and inner joy through her yoga practice over the last 17 years. Although she remains a perpetual student of yoga on her own journey to maintain mind-body-spirit balance, she has grown into the role of yoga teacher and aspires to impart yoga healing, strength, and philosophy to others.


She offers personalized yoga practices focusing on the breath to find the path back home: to the inner self, inner peace, and inner joy. Nathalie guides with an inclusive and trauma-informed approach and meets students where they are on their yoga exploration to co-create their own journey.


She customizes and modifies each practice session to meet the needs of students and offers modifications and props as a safe and intelligent way in, not as an easy way out.

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