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Corporate or Home Yoga in Ottawa by Carly

Are you looking for yoga lessons at home or yoga at your work in Ottawa?

If you are looking for private yoga lessons at home or for yoga at your workplace in Ottawa we can help you find the right yoga teacher.  We have a team of yoga instructors in Ottawa.  Let us introduce you to Carly one of our teachers.

After gaining the Freshman 15 (more like 30) Carly felt lost and insecure in her body. The gym brought nothing but stress and frustration as she felt helpless in a sea of machines. 

A busy soul, who loves nothing more than talking and playing, Carly felt yoga would be too slow. She attended her first yoga class after a friend dragged her to the hot room. What Carly realized was that she not only loved yoga, she needed it. Practicing throughout the rest of her degree, Carly found her most peaceful and happiest moments on her mat. 

Graduating from the University of Ottawa with a Communications degree Carly knew one thing, she wanted to pursue a life and career that would make a difference.

Carly became certified in August 2015 as a Hatha Yoga Teacher through Yogatown studio in Ottawa. After working with many different people Carly realized one thing; so many live their lives caught up in the minutia of daily life. Never giving themselves a moment to do nothing but breathe and truly take at the moment. 

Carly has made it her mission to bring the calm centring of yoga to those caught up in a world that can never be present. 

If you can inhale and exhale, you can begin to walk the road of yoga.
Take time for yourself and let's begin the journey together.

We offer corporate yoga and private in-home yoga in Ottawa

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