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We bring yoga to your workplace or at your home in Montreal 

Would you like to have yoga classes at your workplace or at your home in Montreal? Save time with Santé Active we have a team of yoga instructors near you! Let us introduce you to Angelina one of our yoga instructors in Montreal.

I provide classical yoga, uniting Hatha yoga and Yoga Nidra as well as a therapeutic approach. The style is gentle but still powerful, friendly for all levels, even beginners. For advanced students, it provides an opportunity to deepen their practice significantly. It also might be helpful as a complementary treatment for those who are interested in yoga therapy. Classical yoga practice is perfect to relax and feel refreshed after the class.

During the class I provide personally adapted asana practice for each student, as well I include Yoga Nidra technique in each class. This approach helps to reduce muscle tension, anxiety and deal with different psychosomatic problems. This is the deepest meditation practice.

As well regular and gentle yoga practice is a powerful way to explore your body, become more physically confident, keep fit, restore your balance and improve attitude.

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