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Private Yoga and Yoga for Seniors Toronto

Private yoga and yoga for seniors in Toronto 

Are you looking for private yoga or yoga for seniors for a retirement home in Toronto? We have a team of yoga instructors in the Toronto area. Let us introduce you to Natalie one of our yoga instructors near you.

Hello, I am Natalie, a Certified Adult, and Kids Yoga Instructor. My passion for fitness is exhibited in my teaching, working with children, adults, students, athletes, men, and women from all walks of life. I enjoy teaching classes in a variety of different settings ranging from large to small groups, including one-to-one sessions and couples. I am here to encourage, support and make yoga a fun and enjoyable experience for those I teach in my class. I greatly enjoy working in different environments such as universities, schools, fitness centres, homes, offices, outdoors and let's not forget the beach. Yoga is very accessible, only requiring a mat.

My love for yoga comes out in my teaching. I meet my students wherever they are at. At any level of fitness, there are poses for you, so you are never left out. 

Following a severe soccer injury, I thought I may never play soccer again. After regularly practicing yoga my body started to transform, heal and become stronger. Before I knew it I was playing soccer again and better than I was before. As I continued to practice yoga, I noticed the many benefits it had on my body and mind. I look forward to sharing my experience and also helping you experience and enjoy the many things yoga has to offer. 

  • Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga for backs 
  • Yoga for Trauma
  • Yoga for Athletes 
  • Soccer Fitness Trainer

See you soon on your mat!

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Private Yoga and Yoga for Seniors Toronto