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Private Yoga and Yoga for Seniors in Toronto

We offer private yoga and yoga for seniors in Toronto

We offer private yoga and yoga for seniors. We have a team of yoga instructors who will deliver your yoga lessons when and where it is convenient for you.  Let us introduce you to Mila our yoga instructor who can teach yoga at your home and yoga to retirement homes in Toronto. 

She loves yoga! She is very passionate about yoga and meditation, and especially the benefits we get when we tune our awareness internally. She grew up in an Indian family where I learned from an early age how to access my own inner pharmacy. In other words, I learned that we all have the power to heal our bodies.

She had arthritis when she was 26 years old and she really believes that practicing yoga has helped her to recover. She sees the benefits of yoga and meditation in her life every day. When we meditate and focus internally, we access our own power. We learn how capable we are and we don't need to depend on anyone else. Magical transformation starts as we get more aware and tune with our intuition.

She is a certified yoga and Pilates teacher having received her accreditation 4 years ago. She is a dedicated life-long student of this life and health discipline. She has taught students with varying degrees of experience and fitness levels. She is able to teach beginner and intermediate classes and includes instruction on various breathing techniques and the benefits of yoga and meditation. She also focuses on safety before mobility and teaches students how to tune into their own intuition and breathing.

Due to her employment experience as an Educational Assistant for 10 years She has great familiarity and empathy in dealing with children in elementary and high schools. She has also worked with children and adults who have special needs. At present, she teaches at a Montessori school with very young children. 

She has an American Sign Language Certificate; one of her passions is helping the deaf community.  She would like to be able to teach them the joys of yoga one day. 

She has used yoga techniques to help her students who have had stress, anxiety, autism, ADHD and other mental and physical disabilities.

Ruth Dargan is her teacher who runs the Yoga Conference at Metro Convention Centre every year.  She volunteers at the Yoga Conference every year and attends classes to upgrade her skills.  

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Private Yoga and Yoga for Seniors Toronto