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Are you looking for a yoga teacher for corporate or private yoga in Montreal?

We offer corporate yoga and private in-home yoga in Montreal.  Save time if you are looking for a yoga teacher for yoga classes in Montreal as we have a team of yoga teachers near you. Let Santé Active introduce you to Anne.

Anne intrigue for the body’s ability and need to move and to be still is the foundation of her yoga, meditation and ELDOA classes. Her creative approach, and with a fine-arts and curation background, infuses her yoga practice and ELDOA classes  - self-normalization stretches for the spine.

Anne has completed the 500hr Yoga Teacher Training from Naada Yoga Montreal and is a certified ELDOA level 1 & 2 instructor. She has taken Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s 4-day Yoga for Women workshop and offers (semi-) private and group meditation, yoga and pre- and post-natal yoga classes. 

Finding a balance between movement and stillness can be quite a challenge, but when we get to that sweet spot, that centered place, even if it is just for a flowing moment, it can bring great joy and peace.

Class Descriptions. (Perhaps you do not needs this, but wanted to send it anyway, if you would like more information on ELDOA, let me know.)

ELDOA  (LOADS in English: Longitudinal Osteo Articular Decoaptation Stretches)

ELDOA is a method of postural exercises, created by French osteopath Guy Voyer designed to create space in the spine, one vertebra at a time. After a proper warm-up, postures are held to place the fascia (connective tissue) in tension and target space within a pair of joints to restore balance. 

ELDOA exercises result in pain reduction, increased blood flow, improvement in joint mechanics, better muscle tone, improved posture, spinal disc rehydration, and disc decompression. 


Accessible to both beginners and more experienced yogi, Anne approaches yoga through the basics of breath, movement, and mindful practice, aiming to restore both the body and

the mind. Classes are bracketed by relaxing warm-up and cool-down; conscious physical exertion stems from a place body awareness and calm.

Through verbal cues and gentle physical assists, Anne acknowledges the potential of each individual body, encouraging playfulness, curiosity, and adaptability within poses to accommodate maximum comfort within the challenge of exercise. 


I have been doing yoga for over a year now with Anne. It is no exaggeration that it has changed my life. Not only in my health but mental wellbeing.

Her classes are well guided and suitable for anyone at any level. There is a gentle calm in Anne’s direction with an emphasis on practical moves and stretches especially for us who work in offices sitting down all day. There is also a focus on anatomy and teaching you how to hold your body and activate different muscle groups. There is a fun, relaxed, “not too serious” vibe to Anne’s teaching which takes the stigma away from yoga as being some sort of closed-off spiritual / hippie experience and more of a toolset for anyone to use to live healthily. 

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