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in-home private yoga in Montreal

In-home private yoga lessons near you in Montreal 

We can help you find a yoga instructor for in-home private yoga lessons in Montreal.  We have a team of yoga instructors in Greater Montreal and we can help you find the right instructor for your needs.  Let Santé Active introduce you to Angela one of our yoga teachers.

A free spirit by nature, dreamer and lover of life, Angela has been introduced to yoga about 7 years ago. With degrees in Marketing and graphic design, her lifestyle soon became hectic. She soon realized the importance of slowing down and the importance of living in the moment. Yoga became an essential part of her life.  Yoga helped her find more stillness in her life. She was able to connect with her inner self and found love and happiness in her practice. Angela dedicated herself to her practice and it became a prominent component of her life. In 2016, she decided to quit her job and follow her dreams.

She travelled to Bali, Indonesia, where she completed her Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. It allowed her to deepen her knowledge of yoga philosophy.  Her way of teaching focus on body alignment. When designing a sequence, she takes into consideration the body moving freely into poses. She wants her students to feel that gratitude and to practice with none attachment on their mat.

She now devotes herself to expand her knowledge about the philosophy of yoga and the chakras which are the energy that flows through our body.                         


  • 200HRS Vinyasa – Yoga Teacher Training
  • Certified Yoga Teacher for Kids and Teens
  • Certified Yoga Teacher Prenatal and Postnatal

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in-home private yoga in Montreal