Yoga Instructor in Toronto - Irina

Yoga in the workplace Toronto - Irina

Corporate yoga classes or in-home yoga in Toronto?

We offer corporate yoga classes and in-home yoga in n Toronto.  Let us introduce you to our yoga instructor Irina.


She has been on the Yoga journey for several years trying all kinds of Yoga styles – Hatha, Ashtanga, Zen, Bikram Yoga, and in 2012 she became a Yoga instructor. Having learned both sides of the practice – physical and spiritual, Irina designs her classes accordingly - bringing the meditative part into it and aiming to help students feel happy, at ease and relaxed during and after the class.


Irina strongly believes that Yoga is the key to a healthy and balanced life, natural medicine for the body and mind. So, depending on your needs, she is available for booking Gentle/Restorative Yoga classes aimed to help you ease back pain, or for Hatha Yoga sessions in which you will gain strength, flexibility, and balance. Irina can also create customized classes specified for your activities (Yoga for dancers, runners, tennis players etc.).


For workplace yoga or In-home yoga in Toronto

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