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If you are looking for corporate yoga or meditation classes in Ottawa contact Santé Active. We have a team of yoga instructors who can deliver yoga and meditation to your office, at your home or retirement residence in Ottawa. Let Santé Active introduce you to Christina one of our yoga instructors in Ottawa. 

I started yoga when I was 14 years old after buying a book of yoga poses on a whim. I fell in love with it immediately and quickly formed a daily practice. I completed my 200-hour Teacher Training when I was still in high school and have been teaching ever since.

I pursued a degree in Kinesiology where I deepened my knowledge of the human body and fitness, as well as becoming a personal trainer. Teaching classes and training one-on-one has given me the opportunity to work with individuals of varying ages, body types, and experience levels.

If you are looking for corporate or private home yoga or meditation classes in Ottawa?

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