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Are you looking for a yoga instructor for corporate yoga or corporate meditation classes in Montreal? We have a team of yoga instructors in Montreal who can teach yoga and meditation in the workplace. Let Santé Active introduce you to Esther one of our yoga instructors in Greater Montreal.


Some call yoga the science of the self. I used to feel real guilt at the implied selfishness that this phrase seemed to convey, because according to this beginner's definition, in order to get good at yoga one has to spend a lot of time working on oneself.  Since selfishness used to be seen as a type of sinfulness to me, I had a hard time with this concept during the first few years of my practice.  I used to think it was over-indulgent to fit 4-5 yoga classes into my week on top of my daily meditations. Yoga can be challenging, time-consuming and at times really inaccessible in a large city with crowded classes.


More than a decade of practice has changed this mindset: Yoga is the exact opposite of selfishness.  Yes, yoga helps you connect with yourself more deeply, by its very definition it means 'union'. Yoga helps you get in touch.  Yet yoga is also transformative - it opens you fully to higher dimensions within yourself as well as outside of yourself. It is psycho-spiritual technology to rewire your whole life. It is more than the sum of its principles and poses. It can be a spiritual practice or meditation practice, it can be a workout or a friend or a way of living on and off your mat. It is a non-linear, non-judgmental, non-dogmatic path. It has no goal, yet it is every goal. Yoga can lead someone to enlightenment, yet it simultaneously doesn’t have to attain anything. That is the paradox of this practice. It remains slightly unfathomable, and it becomes even more unfathomable the longer you practice it.  I now know that a lifetime of practice is not a selfish luxury but a vehicle for spiritual transformation. I am starting to believe that yoga can transmute the body itself into a divine substance.


Some say yoga finds you when you are ready. Yoga found me in my late twenties when a friend took me to a well-known Ashtanga studio in Toronto. Despite a fit body, an athletic upbringing and a health-conscious attitude - I was training for a marathon at the time - yoga kicked my butt. I was instantly humbled by it physically and emotionally. I was working as a Nutritionist at the time and despite having a real passion for helping people, I really did not see my clients changing patterns of behavior and getting healthier.  With yoga, I saw people reshaping their entire lives. I decided then that I would one day teach yoga. That was well over a decade ago. I have great respect and reverence for this practice and I will consider myself a humble student of yoga forever. I have never had an ego about this practice. I am a yogini today because nothing else makes sense to me. Yoga continues to challenge me, humble me, humour me and empower me. I need yoga to exist harmoniously. I need it for so much more than stress-relieving.  Although having reshaped my body faster than any other health-regime, I have never considered it exercise. It is more akin to therapy. It helps me check in with myself, it helps me think and feel clearly, it helps me stay in the moments of my life more profoundly.  


I've tried many different styles of yoga over the years and fell in love with the yoga community as well as the yogic way of living.  I have practiced and studied at several yoga studios over the years but decided to attain my certification through Yogaspace in Toronto.  I am a graduate of Yogaspace's YTT program at the RYT200 level, as well as a graduate of their Therapeutic Yoga program. Yogaspace teaches authentic lineages of Hatha from a non-judgemental, feminist framework which really resonates with me. I am grateful for the invaluable guidance of Kathryn Beet and the invaluable direction of Patricia White, Darcie Clark, and Hali Schwartz, my mentors, and teachers. I continue to learn and take workshops in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Prana, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Restorative yoga. I am also a Nutritionist and hold my Coach's certificate. 


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