Chair Massage for Employees

Corporate chair massage in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto & Calgary

We provide chair massage on-site for your employees in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary, making it convenient for you. Our massage therapists will generally give short massages, anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes done through your clothing. Our massage therapists can perform massages while your employees are sitting at their desks or using a special massage chair.


The sessions are usually shorter than traditional table massage, making it convenient for everyone to fit into their schedule.


Massage therapy improves circulation, digestion and assimilation of food, elimination of toxins, and the proper functioning of vital organs. Reducing your employees’ stress through workplace massage therapy is a great way to show your appreciation to them. Try massage therapy for your office!


  • Chair massage
  • Massage at workstations
  • Massage on a regular massage table

For corporate chair massages in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Calgary

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Corporate Chair Massage in Toronto Calgary Montreal and Ottawa


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