Personal Training in Toronto,Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal

Personal Training as simple as 1-2-3  

Step 1 – Assessing your health and fitness

Call us to schedule your first appointment with your personal trainer. We start with a free health and fitness assessment in which we ask that you complete a questionnaire to assess your health and to help us get to know you better.

During this first meeting, we will discuss your current health status using the answers on the questionnaire. We will then proceed to a physical assessment conducted through basic exercises.

Together we will determine your goals and strategies to help you achieve your ultimate objective.

Step 2 – Designing your fitness program

Following our first meeting, we will build a training program tailored for you based on your medical, fitness condition and your goals.

Step 3 - Your workout sessions begin

After assessing your health condition, fitness and developing your training program, we can begin your training sessions. You can choose to get fit outdoors, in one of our private studios or in the location of your choice. Our personal trainers can train you one, two, three or even four times a week.

Whether you have the equipment or not we can train you.

The Choice is Yours 1-2-3-4 times a week

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