Employee Health Solutions in the Workplace

We provide health solutions to employees in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary.

If you are interested in workplace health services for your employees in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal, Santé Active has a variety of services to help keep your employees healthy at the office or at home. Our multidisciplinary team of health professionals is able to provide your organization with superior-quality services that can improve your employees’ health.  Our expertise can be beneficial to your organization to help your employees stay healthy. If you cannot find the service you are seeking, contact us and we will locate it for you.



We provide excellent services for corporations, community groups, government employees, or any other group of people. Our services will be tailored to the needs of your employees, whether you are a small, medium or large company. Our passion for the industry is reflected in the quality of our healthcare, helping your employees to improve their health.


When you choose Santé Active as your workplace health provider you are saving both time and money. We handle everything while you relax


We have a team in each city and we are mobile, so we can come to your workplace in the greater Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary areas.


Call us and we will be delighted to assist your employees to reach optimal health. Our services are available in the morning, during lunch hours, and at any other time convenient for your team.

Employee health and wellness services

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Workplace Health Services Toronto Montreal Ottawa Calgary


Counselling nutritionists and dieticians for employees

 Dietitian counselling for employees in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal

If you are looking for a nutritionist or dietitian to support your corporate wellness program in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary or Montreal, we have a team of nutritionists and dietitians who can help your employees to develop healthy eating habits.


An unhealthy diet can negatively impact your employees’ health and can also lead to deficiencies and chronic diseases. With this activity, they can receive a customized nutritional plan to help them eat healthier. If you choose this option, your team will receive

Office ergonomic assessment for employees

Are you seeking office ergonomic assessments in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa?

We offer office ergonomic assessment in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal can help to prevent workplace injuries. Contact us to have one of our ergonomic professionals visit your office and help your employees improve their posture and workstation. We will also teach them stretching exercises suited for the type of work they do, which they can do at their workstations.

Office Ergonomic Assessment Calgary Montreal Toronto Ottawa

Preventing work-related injuries

Inappropriate posture can have an impact on work performance and can lead to painful

Fitness assessment for employees

Fitness assessment for employees in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal

If you are looking for a fitness assessment for your employees in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Montreal, we offer that service at your location. Discover how fit and healthy your employees are through our employee fitness assessment. We can evaluate their cardiovascular fitness, body composition, strength, endurance, flexibility, and other health factors.

Employee Fitness Assessment


We can create a customized action plan for each employee based on their evaluation results, helping them reach their fitness and health goals.


Stretching workshops in the workplace

Stretching workshops in the workplace in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal

If you are looking for a stretching workshop for your workplace in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal, contact us. Our stretching workshops are designed to prevent any injuries or chronic pain that your employees may experience as a result of their activities in the workplace.  As an alternative, this workshop can be presented in the form of a micro-pause.


After a careful analysis of your needs, we will design a stretching program with the comfort, security, and well-being of your employees in mind

Eldoa Exercise - Workplace wellness

ELDOA method in the workplace for a wellness program

ELDOA stands for Elongation Longitudinaux Decoaption Osteo-Articulaire.

This system of exercises will work specifically on the spine at every intervertebral level and include the costal and pelvic articulations.  It was developed by the Osteopath Guy Voyer in Europe more than 30 years ago.

ELDOA are postures that mainly use tension within the fascial chain to create space within a joint to preserve or improve its function and maximum health. They are postural exercises that have the purpose to create space within a chosen

Physiotherapist in the workplace - on-site

Physiotherapists in the workplace in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary


our on-site physiotherapy services are provided in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary to workplaces and their employees.  


We have physiotherapists who come to your workplace to help you save time and take care of your employees. Physiotherapy is used to treat musculoskeletal problems. The physiotherapist has expertise in problems relating to joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascias and aponeuroses.


Our physiotherapists can come to your workplace to provide physiotherapy treatments in

Osteopath in the Workplace - on-site

Osteopaths in the workplace in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary

Santé Active provides corporate osteopathy services in Greater Montreal, Toronto Calgary, Ottawa, Laval, and on the South Shore of Montreal. Our osteopaths visit your workplace to assist your employees in maintaining their health and save them time. 

In addition to treating musculoskeletal problems, the osteopath also treats visceral and cranial problems. As well as digestive disorders, osteopaths are excellent at treating cranial disorders such as migraines, dizziness, tinnitus, and sleep disorders... 


Microbreaks at work - Corporate wellness solution

Micro-breaks in the workplace in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal


Santé Active offers on-site or online micro-break sessions in the workplace in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, and Gatineau. Integrating these short breaks into your employee wellness program can be a valuable contribution.

But what are micro-breaks?

Micro-breaks are short and regular breaks that employees can take throughout the day. They allow the brain to reset and the body to calm down, even when there is not enough time for a full break. It's more of an "activity change" than a break. Micro-breaks can be