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Corporate and In-Home Qigong in Toronto - Marta

Are you Looking for Corporate or In-Home Qigong in Toronto?

Marta can teach corporate or in-home Qigong in Toronto.  I am a certified Qi Gong trainer and have been a trainer for the past 5 years.  I regularly lead classes and workshops in Qi Gong and have worked with clients in Italy, Central America and now in Canada. I have a black belt in Vietnamese Kung Fu, studied for 12 years with Master Bao Lan in Padova, Italy and have competed in numerous competitions for 5 years. 

I enjoy teaching both the most famous forms as well as other more healing-oriented using the energy field.  I combine my practice of Qi Gong with Mindfulness which provides for the client a unique experience of what is happening in the body and a better understanding of how to promote self-healing.

The goal of my classes is not only longevity but happiness and good health, to give my clients a sense of harmony and demonstrate how they can achieve a balanced and less stressful lifestyle.

We offer corporate or in-home Qigong in Toronto

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